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Social Networks

Social Networking Help
John Milton Fogg very good instruction

Couch Surfing
somewhere to sleep & refresh -a very kool site for traveling and sleeping on a couch at one of your online friends places...yes their home ; )

twitter & facebook tools
#1 Twitter Yellow Pages and More twellow
#2 Follow Flush Reciprocate Cleanup tweepi management tool

#3 tweeter organizer
#4 uses rss auto feed
#5 Email and Social Networks
#6 popular tweeters ranked

#7 21 most popular twitter facebook apps techcrunch
#8 How to make twitter lists and why the best explanation mashable
#9 How to get 1000s of friends on facebook/twitter loophole explained
#10 How to Contact Facebook several ways to contact them
#11 5 Useful Tools to Track Twitter Unfollowers mashable
#12 How To Opt Out of Facebook Places this is kool
#13 Clean up & manage who you follow who's inactive etc very handy
#14 Boost Twitter Followers -several very good ways to achieve that
#15 How Much Is Your Twitter Profile  Worth -yep it tells you what it is worth ; )
#16  9 Reasons What makes you not follow someone on Twitter?
#17 Follow Lists -to large of a twitter acct follow lists of interesting people instead
#18 Bots & Spammers On Twitter -3 Ways to Recognize Them
#19 Grade Your Twitter Acct -tells when you joined and other good info. Good to put on your twitter so people see you're not a spammer it is just an old twitter acct.

Social Network Sites social network social network
baggzyue On Stumbleupon some great posts
Coyote's Blog very interesting blog - political anti war

dragonsmp/wordpress photos - public upload accepted
MOP Social  -Here we have a social scene a dating service if you will -Kool people

NEW Upcoming Social Media Open Source

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