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I thought I would put this here and slowly work on it as I got time.
I used to work at a fairly large Greenhouse around 50,000 sq ft under plastic an glass, I was the R&D guy/grower. As well I did extensive hydroponic work and ponds. So I have a few tips an such that may help some of you. Also, I will leave website addresses to go to as well. It all helps you to have a great fun time gardening  : )

#1 Basic Gardening Tips -find all sorts of great tips an info
#2 GardenWeb Forums -from all over the world `find your niche
#3 Garden Forms ''live'' sculpture, paintings, fountains & more

Gardens Your Food and Politics -ya here too sad but true
Non-GMO Shopping Guide -see what is an what is not GMO
Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Act -outlaws gardening/saving seed

Growing Things
Grow a Pear in a bottle courtesy Chef Felisha

Here is a page with some handy info. Just click here