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Free TV/chann/warn

Free TV/chann/warn

Page under construction... always adding to it.. such as info to avoid the pitfalls of the free lure. sports lots of sports as well as some tv series. The tv series wants to install a toolbar. The olympics seem to want a credit card even tho it is free, so they say......we say no thnx....but the rest seems okay. To bad people and consequently companies do not do as they say..... there is always some hitch to it all or hassle to play it. It is full of, tricks sort of, to get you to do things, not malicious just a pain in the ass. Like moving the x out button. Do they really think tricking you to a web page or function is a good thing? There are some free stuff here though so it is helpful if you have no tv.

FreetubeTV same as the other one 'hassle' but better then nothing if you do not have an way of getting tv channels.

cucirca Places to watch tv online for free not bad lots of tv episodes an such are connected to cinamuse which has numerous complaints of them wanting your credit card yet it says it is free. Anything like this is probably not good. Why do they need the credit card then if it is free. duh. How stupid do they think we are? Go here to read the complaint/s. Yes the complaints are from them charging your account when they said they will not. Yeah a no brainer. To bad the law don't get off their ass this would be very easy to stop. FRAUD rings a bell.

Lets not forget a good one is to stream good ole YOU TUBE to your tv. There are many good things to watch and they are free and they are not trying to ripp you off.

The findings are the tv sites should say free here ....sign up there if money is involved but they so like to use that free word to get us to their site. Not all are bad but there are many... so beware.

A good thing to do is put the name of a company or person into google with (scam) behind it. Yes with the brackets. Up will pop all the scam sites telling you about that name or company. Now, do not be fooled cause those same names or companies will go to the scam forums and say what a good company, said name or company is, when really it is not, it is just someone from there saying that it is a good place. After abit of studying the forum you can tell the bullshit from the real stuff. To many people will be saying it is a bad site/product/company.