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Music The Arts

#1 MUSIC -these guys be co0okin
Various Artists
sm0kin` h0t

21st century beatnick - come` dig some feelings
dorganstephansonproject dorgan stephanson project
baba_d what can eye say baba_d this gits out free stylin on 'Soundcloud
Moxon A very good small studio -this place does very good work

Ani Difranco
Ani Difranco 6 tunes x4min h0t o0ozing this co0oks
Ani Difranco Albums yeah the h0t o0ozing ones (;oÞ~~

Bif Naked
Bif Naked -this chick r0cks it big time sizzlin h0t and the music too heh what an inspiration what a person w0w

Tyler Bryant
Tyler Bryant Music sm0kin` h0t
Interview and a tune this kid burns it down w0w
Tyler Dow Bryant on Rock Prophesies it's... co0okin
Tyler Bryant - Rock Prophecies PREMIERE! ko0ol bit
Tyler Bryant in a friends living room unplugged
Tyler Bryant - Lipstick Wonder Woman Aimeeland unplugged
Tyler Bryant playing guitar in the studio
Tyler Bryant  recording a guitar solo
Tyler Bryant playing with band - Recent Adventures
Tyler Bryant plays Hendrix "Foxey Lady" Live
Emily Elbert Trio & Tyler Bryant Voodoo Chile (Live)

Jonny Lang
Jonny Lang official website
Johnny Lang and his band Lie To Me - sm0kin` h0t w0w
Jonny Lang AMAZING Blues Guitar Solos wikkd h0t
Jonny Lang a 40 song mix few other bands sm0kin` h0t

Stevie Ray Vaughn
Stevie Ray Vaughan Little Wing what's there to say
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood (Long version!) sm0kin` h0t

Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary
h0t it's jimmi burnin it d0wn

RED HOT Caught these guys on PBS Detroit at Austin City Limits. The best sound we have heard in a long long time.
Alejandro Escovedo official -can't say enough about these guys
Alejandro Escovedo -tunes from a h0t band with a Dylan flavour
Trombone Shorty official -diggin brass and some very kool sounds
Trombone Shorty n Orleans Ave -tunes that be a cookin

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals -few video tunes for yaz all
The Good Rats -some drivin blues y'all (;oÞ~~

#2 Radio -free
-find a good one sure donate to it if ya like Big Band to Rag
CBC Radio music and commentary various genre & subjects 20-40's bigband tunes radio station my budde> the latest dubset sounds
Shoutcast Radio Directory -dubstep among others
Shoutcast Radio Blues -various blues stations
wikkd h0t
drivin r0cker -BellyUp4Blues.kickass                (;oÞ~~

Bellyup4Blues chatbox -a kool live chat with wikkd tunes (;oÞ~~
Shoutcast Radio Misc -miscellaneous stations

#3 Lessons -Tablature & Lyrics
Some of thee h0ttest picking you will ever find learn to play banjo
All Sorts of Lyrics & Tablature various genre

#4 Art some of thee koolest stuff ko0ol furniture n oddities
Money Origami | Dollar Bill Origami Armadillo -way ko0ol (;oÞ~~

#5 Comedy
Lauren Weyland
some the best stand up improv comedy around

#6 Music needs supplied

#7 Funn Funny Funnier -various chuckles
3 guitars & a tractor... playin a tune utube ; )

#8 Virtual Music audio & video -see
Virutal Worlds #10 Virtual Music

#9 Old Time BigBand Swing -live365 Radio Dismuke